Pollard Yacht-Build is founded by the brothers Herman and Jan Pollard.

We’ve got a modern yard located in Steenwijk, where we build your yacht with our skilled and enthusiastic employee’s.

We have our own steel workshop, stainless steel department, carpentry workshop, electrical department and a warehouse, in where we finish all the yachts.

We grant aftercare and service as fast as possible, in a short amount of time.

The values where we stand for are:

1. The wish of the client stands central

2. Craftsmanship, a yacht is after all, all made by hand

3. Innovation, is necessary to respect the wishes of the client

4. Virtue, the way of building, workmanship and working together is normative

5. Honesty, we will give you an honest advice, before, during and after the building of your yacht

YOUR choice

Every yacht is designed from your wishes, ideas and needs.

We included some of the models in our program.

* Coastliner, both in open cockpit as in the aft cabin version

* Silence, in the open cockpit and in the cabrio version

* Avenger, in the aft cabin version

* Pollux, a contemporary roundbilge, available in open cockpit and in aft cabin

* Pollard Cabrio, with sprayrail version, a modern designed Cabrio version

* Custom Build yachts, it’s all your own ideas and wishes, all we do is make them come true


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