Two specialized companies under one roof

North-Line Yachts & Kuster Yachts; two companies under one roof where everyone specializes in their own areas to ensure that quality, reliability and seaworthiness, our paramount objectives, are achieved .

North-Line Yachts specializes in building in GRP and Kuster Yachts builds in steel. Both types are stylish and classy, but also elegant and sporty.  Everything is made in-house,  from GRP work and carpentry to engine installations, so that every yacht can be made to the owner’s particular requirements.

North-Line Yachts
For more than forty years, North-Line Yachts has been in the yacht building industry and in the last ten years it has been very active in building seaworthy motor yachts . The RCD A-category North-Line range consists of yachts from 26’ to 60’ to designs by Arthur Mursell of TT Boat Designs Ltd.

Kuster Yachts
For a number of years Kuster Yachts has been part of North-Line Yachts and the RCD B-category Kuster range consists of yachts from 31’ to 47’.  The yard is located in Harlingen and in addition to building new motor yachts, we also have indoor winter storage and carry out maintenance and refits, berths are also available.

Are you looking for a reliable builder for a GRP or steel boat for the inland waterways or, the open sea?  Visit our yard in Harlingen and we will be happy to tell you more.

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