Reward yourself with a new Linssen!

The Linssen Yachts brand represents a thoroughly sound family business which has been operating in the yacht building industry on a secure financial footing since 1949. Linssen Yachts develops and builds superior-quality steel displacement yachts from 9 – 18 meters entirely in-house, with continuous innovative product and process development. To demonstrate the durability of our products in terms of quality and being a sound investment, we need only point to our pre-owned yachts. A Linssen retains its value and is subject to fewer price fluctuations than is usual on the pre-owned yachts market. This means that you have a reliable and healthy partner in Linssen Yachts who will continue to provide you with the same level of advice and assistance as now, even after a couple of decades.

Linssen Yachts B.V. Innovation in product and process
The Linssen boatyard complex of over 45,000 m2 in area. Spread over two locations (Maasbracht and Echt), all production is in-house. If you are interested in a Linssen yacht and are visiting the boatyard, one of our staff will be pleased to show you our production line. You will be amazed by the huge variety of yachts and the possible interior versions. Linssen Yachts has approximately 30-35 yachts in production at any given time.

The unique yacht of your dreams built in series!
Of course, we would be delighted to build your dream yacht to your specifications. In fact, we do this every day already – in series, that is! Our Logicam technology enables us to specify mass-produced hulls in such a way that they eventually come out at the other end as individual yachts.

Your new Linssen is every bit as unique as you are. You can make it just as exclusive and special as you like!

LOGICAM® is a flow production system in which the yachts currently under construction – after the steel assembly and preservation stages – progress through the production hall to the next phase of construction in cycles lasting a certain number of days. To put it simply, the discipline doesn’t go to the boat, the boat goes to the discipline.  LOGICAM® is a groundbreaking Linssen innovation, which not only relates to the efficient construction process but also definitely produces consistent product quality and a high standard of finish. Any optional components chosen by the owner are not improvised on the spot but are integrated into the basic design at the development stage. With this system, Linssen Yachts has developed production technology which is unique in the yacht building industry.

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