Aquatec: Frisian quality boats of 100% Dutch origin

A sense of freedom makes many people decide to purchase a sloop. Enjoy a boat trip after a day of hard work or spend the whole day on the water with friends or family.

Aquatec Industries

The Frisian company Aquatec Industries is one of the largest boat builders in the Netherlands. With the top brands Maril, Antaris and Makma, Aquatec Industries has a favourite boat for every water sport enthusiast.

Indoor showroom

There is a hidden asset in the building. In the heart of the building there is a huge indoor showroom where the boats are displayed on the water. This covered dock accommodates more than 50 boats. Those who feel like a trial run can board and sail away on the spot.

Three brands

They are three brands that complement each other. Maril has a beautiful classic line. Reliable with a good price-quality ratio. Antaris is an innovative brand with its own unique appearance. Makma is truly an exclusive product, quirky and timeless. By offering these three strong brands under one roof, we can always offer a sloop that “suits the customer”.

Antaris, style meets comfort

For more than fifteen years, Antaris has been one of the absolute top brands in sloops. Antaris combines Dutch craftsmanship with comfort and design. This is reflected in the sloops that Antaris builds. Through years of experience and listening to the wishes of customers, Antaris® succeeds time and again in leading the way in design and trends.

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Enjoy with Maril

If you go on the water, you want to be able to fully enjoy the environment. With the Maril sloops, that is obvious thanks to the open nature of the spacious cockpit. The wide, rain-resistant and durable seat cushions and the height of the backrest offer, in addition to great comfort, also the necessary safety for young children.

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Makma - summum of luxury and technology

Different than usual. Far from unmistakably a Makma, clearly distinguishing itself from the armada of sloops that now sail the Netherlands. Stubborn, and with reason. Not only because it is a Makma, but because the boat radiates the Makma feeling. Maximum space and comfort are central at Makma. Take the Makma Caribbean, for example, a true classic. Once a boat that started the trend of the "weekend magnifier XL", but still very up-to-date.

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