Luxury motor yacht with tough cable ring and low clearance

This luxury motor yacht with tough-looking rope fender and a clearance height of just 2,45 metres has excellent cruising characteristics, holds its course well, and is built for staying on board for extended periods of time. To begin with, the largest aft deck in her class distinguishes an ABIM Classic from many other yachts.

ABIM started in 2002 as a motor yacht cruising school where, in addition to courses for the ‘Klein Vaarbewijs’ (small ships’ navigation licence), practical lessons in motor yacht handling and navigation were given. This also explains the choice of our name – ABIM - because ABIM stands for ‘Alle Begin Is Moeilijk’, (every beginning is difficult); because navigating a ship is also something that has to be learned.

The knowledge we gained during these navigation lessons played a major role in the design of our luxury motor yacht, the ABIM Classic. Our yachts are  available in lengths varying from 10 metres to 15 metres.

We look forward to welcoming you, either for a visit to our shipyard or maybe for a test drive on one of our ABIM Classic motor yachts.
Dinie and Peter Oord.

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