Autumn edition of Motorboot Sneek: A good mix of quantity and quality

Sneek, The Netherlands – The autumn edition of Motorboot Sneek 2019 was yet again a great success. Despite the changeable weather conditions, especially the Saturday of the event was very busy. And in the rainy moments, everyone found shelter in the covered marinas. Visitors tackled the chill with a hot cup of soup or coffee – it was tricky to keep up with the demand! Even though this autumn show saw slightly smaller crowds than in previous years, the public had a much better sense of what they were looking for. Visitors were less interested in browsing and arrived with much more targeted interests.

Many visitors from Germany and Belgium

In contrast to previous years, more visitors knew exactly what they were looking for. Perhaps the weather played its part in that shift. Most visitors seemed unbothered by the cold and rain, though. “When the weather changed for the worse on Friday morning and early afternoon, everyone flocked to our covered marina,” said Wiebrig Poiesz-Lageveen of De Valk Sneek. There were noticeably many visitors from Germany and Belgium this year. Throughout the weekend, about 80% of the event audience was German. That trend was likely linked to the national public holiday in Germany and Belgium on November 1st.

Purchase agreements signed on the spot

“At De Valk Sneek, we sold three boats during the autumn show, with the buyers signing their purchase agreements on the spot. We will possibly add the sale of a fourth boat to that list. Aquanaut Dutch Craftsmanship also did some business and all participating companies conducted serious sales conversations. That is yet another indication that the general public was very focused in their search and willing to make swift decisions,” shared Wiebrig Poiesz-Lageveen of De Valk Sneek. Event sponsors noted similar behaviour and indicated plans to issue quotes in the coming weeks based on conversations at the autumn show.

Bringing locations closer together

Motorboot Sneek does not have a central trade fair location, but rather visitors tour around to locations hosted by the organising businesses. Some of them are located fairly close together, but not necessarily within walking distance. The actual distance between De Valk Sneek and Brandsma Jachten is only about 30 metres, but visitors must take a long way around to drive from one company to the other. This year was the first time that floating pontoons granted visitors easy walking access from De Valk Sneek to Brandsma Jachten. This walkway was very positively received by event visitors. “It is definitely something we can carry on to future editions. We will likely use even more floating walkways, allowing visitors to experience even more on foot,” said Wiebrig of De Valk Sneek.